everything you need to start generating recurring SaaS revenue today!

The Power Of The SaaS Model

SaaSPRENEURs generate millions of dollars per month by white-labeling and reselling HighLevel as their own software. Start your journey as a SaaSPRENEUR today!


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Everything you need to launch your SaaS business today

When you sign up as a SaaSPRENEUR, you'll have access to everything you need to launch your new white-label SaaS business:

  • Proven product offering

  • Comprehensive course with step-by-step training

  • Done-for-you SaaS website

  • Proven prospecting & sales tools, including scripts and presentations

  • World class support

Multiple streams of recurring revenue

In addition to the monthly subscription revenue you'll receive from your customers, you'll also make money every time they send & receive emails, text messages, and when they use AI!


What The Biggest Names In The Industry Are Saying About SaaS

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is widely known as a giant in the internet marketing space, having generated millions in info-product revenue over the years. Today, Frank is all-in on SaaSPRENEURship.

Julie Chennell

When it comes to digital marketing, Julie Chanell is a top speaker, coach, and now SaaSPRENEUR. She and her partner have grown their white-label SaaS to over 2000 users!

Billy Gene

Billy Gene is one of the top online marketing influencers, educators, and practitioners in the world. He's taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs how to make billions of dollars collectively.

  • World-Class Software

  • Proven Offer

  • Live Support

  • Step-By-Step Training

  • SaaS Website Template

  • Prospecting & Sales Scripts

it used to cost a fortune to start a software company...

but SaaSPRENEURS get all this for just $497/month!

Use Our Prebuilt Trojan Horse Offers

Leading with one feature among many is the key to SaaS launches as 1000s are now seeing the fruits of their prospecting efforts

Use The Power Of The Saas Configurator

Leading with one feature among many is the key to SaaS launches as 1000s are now seeing the fruits of their prospecting efforts

Use Our Built-In Prospecting Tool

Leading with one feature among many is the key to SaaS launches as 1000s are now seeing the fruits of their prospecting efforts


Hear from real SaaSPRENEURs

Jay Vics

JVI Mobile Marketing

I was able to hit 100 SaaS clients (though I've had a bit of attrition and ups and downs), in August 2023 about 11 months into my journey as a SaaSPRENEUR.

It is life-changing in the fact that I now have brought on my first full-time employee, as well as an integrator, to help me make the next big leap forward and increase the hours of my contractor team.

Karen King

Goldstar LLC

When I first stumbled across HighLevel I fell in love with the software and knew it was the solution my clients needed. We reached our first 100 within the first 12 months of launching. We've deliberately grown slowly, to ensure our clients have an incredible experience, and as a result, we now grow through glowing recommendations.

Andrew & Larlin Neumann

Cloud Kii

Before embarking on our SaaSPRENEURship journey, we operated without the invaluable backing of a powerhouse like HighLevel. In a time frame of just under four months, we succeeded in onboarding 100 SaaS clients. The introduction of a SaaS revenue stream has been a game-changer for us. It has provided a reliable source of recurring income, granting us the financial latitude to develop and introduce higher-value offerings to our client base.

Dakota Routh

Level Up Pipeline

Years back, I owned a small chain of 5 fitness centers. Back then, I loved seeing regular income from memberships. If we wanted more members, we had to think about where to build the next gym, and we could only reach folks living close by. Now, with HighLevel, there's no such limit. Imagine getting paid without worrying about where your next location will be!

Kevin Marker

Uplife Group LLC

When we discovered Go High Level, we were at first overwhelmed with how to use the platform. But as we got more familiar with it, we quickly realized how much easier it would make a life for our students. Because of our customer base and how large our program grew, we realized over 300 subscriptions after just one webinar. Now that we have a SaaS program, it's created a foundation to build on with lots of potential for future programs.

Mikaël Bérubé

Regain Media

Before SaaSpreneur, I had no real MRR that was somewhat passive and low-churn. I made the jump with the SaaS plan as soon as it was offered to us because it was a no-brainer. We’ve been using GHL forever, and our clients loved it. In less than a year, we had over 100 SaaS clients, and it just creates that piece of mind knowing you have this MRR coming in regardless of what’s going on in the business with your other services. The best part is it’s pretty passive and stable.

Matt Hidinger

Shop Launch Secrets

Back in 2018 a buddy of mine recommended that I attend the traffic and conversion summit. I was working as a marketing director at 60+ hours a week working for someone else. Once the pandemic hit, I lost the few clients I had. I pivoted into a new vertical and scaled from 30 to 160 clients in 4 years.
Now, I'm (much) happier and am able to provide jobs to a few amazing people. 

Pavel Ketsuk

Life before becoming a SaaSPRENEUR was a bit up and down. Getting clients wasn't a problem but having a copy/paste solution we can use for clients that DELIVERS results was a game-changer.
I went from working in my mom's basement, confused & broke as a freelancer doing everything myself (struggling), to now traveling the world full time living out of Airbnb's making well over 20k/mo PROFIT in my 20's.

Jeff & Lori Poole

Lead Savage

My wife and I are professional photographers, and we speak at nearly every major photography conference in the country, mostly about business and marketing a photography business.
It wasn't long before we started talking about white labeling since Lori and I had a stage and means to promote it.
Within 6 months we had over a hundred members.  Now we're looking to add a comma to that number as we've brought on a fractional CEO that can help us scale in ways that we can't.

Melissa Ricker

Engineered to Scale

I am a funnel strategist, and it was a nightmare trying to make our clients' funnels perform in all the different software they had. When a team member pitched the idea that we could build out my entire funnel strategy and essentially just shoot it over to our clients with a click of a button, I was sold. It was less than a year when we generated our first 100 SaaS clients. After we launched it with a lower price point as a standalone, we began to grow very quickly. I have multiple revenue streams now and don't have the constant pressure to sign high ticket clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HighLevel?

HighLevel is the "all things marketing" solution for entrepreneurs, marketers, and agencies, and drives marketing success with user-friendly automation, advanced communication, and scalable growth. The AI-powered all-in-one platform, spanning sales, marketing, and CRM, offers a customizable white-labeled version for brand strength and increased profitability. HighLevel positively impacts the tech community, SaaS industry, and a diverse clientele.

Beyond software, HighLevel provides dedicated support and educational resources for continued learning and growth. Join HighLevel on a journey to shape the future of marketing and collaboratively empower success through innovative SaaS solutions.

How Is This Different Than Reseller Or Affiliate Marketing?

The SaaSPRENEUR business model allows you to white-label HighLevel and position your own SaaS Brand while allowing you to keep 100% of the revenue you generate. We have already seen several SaaSPRENEURs have 7-figure+ exits!

Do I Have To Niche Down To Launch Saas?

Absolutely not! The beauty of the SaaSPRENEUR model is that the offer taught in the Local Hero Playbook works for pretty much any local business as well as for other industries like e-commerce, coaching, etc. SaaSPRENEURs are succeeding as both niched and niche-less offerings.

How Expensive Is Highlevel’s Saas Plan?

To be a SaaSPRENEUR requires you to be on the $497/month plan but you can resell HighLevel for any price you'd like as long as it's more than $97/month. Aside from that monthly cost, you are also responsible for usage fees for things like email, SMS, Whatsapp, and AI usage BUT you get to pass those costs on to your customers with a markup via the rebilling wallet system so you actually profit off both your customer subscriptions AND their daily usage!

When Is The Next Saaspreneur Event So I Can Connect With Others In The Same Journey?

We run SaaSPRENEUR Mastermind events in Dallas, Texas 2-3 times per year. You can find information about the next event at

How do I win a SaaSPRENEUR award?

We currently have two tiers of the SaaSPRENEUR award: first is for SaaSPRENEURs who have more than 100 subscription customers and second is the Platinum Award for SaaSPRENEURs who have more than 500 subscription customers.

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